The “LeicestHERday” was set up in 2002 to engage, support and empower women throughout Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and through this initiative empower families and communities.

The LeicestHERday Trust is an umbrella organisation formed to give an equal voice to all women and enhance the community at large by enhancing women’s life experiences. Since 2002, the charity has been recognising the achievements of women living in Leicester to:

Celebrate women’s achievements
Accelerate change to meet the diverse needs of women
Share expertise, knowledge and experience
Challenge organisations and communities
Unite in friendship
Empower women

The charity was established to promote the equality and diverse needs of women in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by:

Promoting their personal and professional development
Acting as a co-ordinating forum
Providing practical support and assistance in particular through the sharing of expertise, knowledge and experience
Convening and holding conferences meetings lectures and courses and providing facilities for the same either alone or with others
Writing publishing distributing or securing the written publication and distribution gratuitously or otherwise of books pamphlets, journals or articles or other documents promoting the aforementioned objects; and
Developing co-operative relations and arrangements with authorities, organisations, institutions and individuals promoting, engaged in or interested in the same.