Pictures of Councillor Sood’s Lord Mayor Making Ceremony in May 2008:
History of Leicester Lord Mayor’s Office

Manjula Sood The Role of the Right Worshipful Lord Mayor stems back to 1209. This year will mark the 800th anniversary. The Lord Mayor is Leicester’s first Citizen. The Lord Mayor has a high profile role in maintaining and promoting the interests of the city and its people and attends a variety of engagements during the civic year. Some of the Key functions the Lord Mayor performs are:

  • Ensuring the profile of the City of Leicester is raised as well as the interests of the city and its people
  • Representing the City in the UK and abroad to ensure the City can learn from initiatives prevailing in other cities
  • Receive members of the Royal family and important guests to the City
  • Acting as a host on behalf of Council and residents of Leicester City at functions organised by the Council
  • Launch charitable appeals to raise awareness of disabilities and to provide a voice for those who would not otherwise have the platform
  • To attend a variety of religious services of all denominations
  • To attend official openings or presentations at venues throughout the City
  • Impartially presiding over meetings of the full council ensuing balanced discussions take place with the interests of the city at the heart of all discussions and decisions
  • As the first citizen of the City of Leicester, take the lead role to ensure that the Remembrance Day is commemorated and that the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal is fully supported
  • Finding the next “Citizen of the year” and a “Young Person of the year” where the winner may have demonstrated a devotion to voluntary work, courageous acts or bravery in overcoming adversity

Manjula Sood
The Former Lord Mayor’s Acceptance Speach

“I came into politics in quite difficult circumstances. To take up that challenge wasn’t easy. There are challenges but at the same time there are rewards as well. I’m very grateful to my constituents in Latimer. They have given me a lot of insight into the lives of people and to be their voice is a great thing. I am really honoured and privileged. I am looking forward to serving the city which has given me so much.

Manjula Sood I would like to thank the great people of Leicester, for providing the opportunity to be the first Asian women Lord Mayor in the Country and to represent the City as its First Citizen. The words “Mayor” and “Major” derive from the same Latin word “magnus” meaning great. I am privileged and honoured to ensure the good name of the City continues and we collectively work to strive to ensure Leicester is a renowned City both nationally and internationally for multiculturism, tolerance, respect, education, health care, arts, science, sports and economic growth.

I entered politics after the sudden death of my late husband, Councillor Paul Sood in his political career which spanned almost 14 years before his untimely death in 1996. I have faced many challenges during my early political career. During my political journey, I would like to express my gratitude to my constituents of the Latimar Ward, the Peepul Centre, the “Golden Mile”, the media, fellow colleagues, Leicester’s 3 MPs, Council officers and all faiths, secular and voluntary organisations with assisting me through my political career. I am grateful to the Lady Mayoress Sheenal, my sons Manish and Mitesh for their help during my mayoral year.

Manjula Sood The role of the Lord Mayor in Leicester is an historic title dating back to 1209. During my year as Lord Mayor, I will be thrilled to be serving during the historic 800-year-old anniversary of the title. My chosen charity during my term will be for the Special Olympics, training athletes with Learning difficulties. In addition, I also would like to support Cancer and Heart research.

I also value the work of Fair Trade and Leicester Promotions for putting Leicester on the Map and encouraging tourists to our City we pride and hold in strong regard. Serving as a trustee and executive member of Leicester Council of Faiths has enriched my life where we are witnessing harmony within the city amongst the different faith groups.

I hope my role will inspire all women with realising their inner potential to fulfil their dreams to encourage others to take an avid interest in politics to preserve democracy and to take an active role in Local Government.

If at first you do not succeed, try again to overcome challenges, barriers and obstacles. No one is perfect or born successful. Drive, motivation and self belief are key traits to ensure ones dreams are realised. Striving for excellence motivates you”.
Former Lord Mayor, Former Lady Mayoress and Former Consort Biographies

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Highlights of the Former Lord Mayor

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The Former Lord Mayor at her handover ceremony, May 2009

Highlights Of Lord Mayor
Lord Mayor Bio Notes

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